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For several years, American and Canadian university students of Lithuanian heritage participated in short-term internships (unpaid, for professional experience only) on their own or under the guidance of the previous Lithuanian-American Community’s (LAC) vice president, the late Birutė Bublys.  As numbers of those wanting to intern and the need to formalize a program became a necessity, the LAC sponsored what was now known as Lithuanian International Student Services (LISS) in 2008.  LISS had a home and a director, Birutė Bublys with administrator Rasa Ardys-Juska.

The first official summer of internships was in 2009 with 28 students: the majority were in “Stažuotė” or internships for Lithuanian-speaking university students program and a small group were in the “Labdara” or Community Service program.  In 2010, the numbers jumped to 50: with students in the Stažuotė program, the Labdara program, and in the newly-unveiled “Studijos/Stažuotė” or Study/Intern immersion program for those students who wanted to study the language and intern.

In 2010, Birutė Bublys signed an agreement with Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) to work together with LISS and provide educational and professional support concerning jobs and courses.  Thus, that summer, the Study/Intern program participants studied the Lithuanian language at VMU led by VMU’s professors.  It was also agreed that VMU would grant all LISS university students 5 university credits for completing their internships and a cumulative project based on their field of study and professional interests.  This allows students global professional experience in addition to polishing their language skills and strengthening cultural and historical knowledge.

At the start of 2011 and after Birutė Bublys had passed away, Rasa Ardys-Juska was appointed as the LISS director.  That summer, 50 students from the U.S.and Canada participated in the program, which was held in Vilnius and Kaunas.  During the summer of  2012,  LISS continued to enhance Lithuanian cultural knowledge, history, and language skills while meeting the present-day needs for professional experience of those who participated in LISS. 2013 was our 5th year anniversary year — celebrating with 32 university students from the US, Canada and one student from the Netherlands.

Our 2014 summer dates are June 24 to August 9, 2014 – deadline for completing the application is February 1, 2014.

LISS continues its vision to aid university students of Lithuanian descent or who have interest in Lithuania to  refine their studies and enrich their lives, so that they may feel that they can be an integral part in Lithuania’s future.


  • This is an invaluable experience to live in Lithuania in LISS-provided living quarters, like a resident of Lithuania;
  • Expand your studies by working in the field that you are preparing for in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania;
  • Make international connections with professionals, academics, or business people in your  future field;
  • Enrich your Lithuanian language skills and cultural awareness through your working and studying experience;
  • Participate in cultural, academic, and daily events, and in excursions to significant historical places to highlight your stay;
  • Meet other university students who share your interests;
  • Enhance your resume or Curriculum Vitae with an international work certificate that highlights your global experience;
  • Receive 5 university credits from Vytautas Magnus University, LISS academic partner.


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